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In order to be as clear as possible about this,
let me submit a draft for your consideration of
this proposed Declaration of the Rights of Manó
using ** man " of course to cover every individual,
male or female, of the species. I have endeavoured
to bring in everything that is essential and to
omit whatever secondary issues can be easily
deduced from its general statements. It is a
draft for your consideration. Points may have
been overlooked and it may contain repetitions
and superfluous statements.
a Since a man comes into this world through no
fault of his own, since he is manifestly a joint
inheritor of the accumulations of the past, and
since those accumulations are more than sufficient
to justify the claims that are here made for him,
it follows : j
" (i) That every man without distinction of
race, of colour or of professed belief or opinions,
is entitled to the nourishment, covering, medical
care and attention needed to realise his full
possibilities of physical and mental development
and to keep him in a state of health from his birth
to death.
" (2) That he is entitled to sufficient education
to make him a useful and interested citizen, that
special education should be so made available
as to give him equality of opportunity for the